Dr. Susan Su

Professor and Research Associate in Psychology

Dr. Susan Chang Su received her Ph. D in Social and Personality Psychology in Department of Psychology at Faculty of Health in York University in Toronto of Canada in fall of 2010. She has completed three postdoctoral fellowships in Faculty of Health in York University as well. She has been studying, teaching, researching, and training in psychology field in both Canada and China for 30 years, and learned a wealth of professional knowledge in psychology and education, scientific research capabilities and mental health counselling skills.

Dr. Su has more than 10 years of teaching and research experience in social, personality, cultural, educational, and developmental psychology field in Canada. She focuses on cross-cultural research on the life stress, social support and parenting styles among Chinese Canadian, mainland Chinese and European Canadian immigrant mothers. This research was supervised by her mentor Dr. M. Hynie won the 2007 CERIS “Immigration and Settlement Research Center Excellence Research” scholarship award in Canada. Dr. Su conducted a qualitative and quantitative cross-cultural analysis of the experience and self-regulation of shame and guilt. One of her research talks entitled “The cross-cultural study of the experiences of shame and guilt in mainland China and Canada” was rewarded with “John W. Berry Award for best paper/oral presentation in International/Cross-cultural Session of Canadian Psychological Association in 2010. Dr. Su was a postdoctoral fellow of Professor Dr. G. Flett, Department of Psychology in Faculty of Health of York University in 2009 and has conducted a series of cross-cultural studies on undergraduate student’s perfectionism and mental health and follow up studies of perfectionism and mental health on high school and elementary school students. Dr. Su was rewarded Lillian Wright (in 2013) and Meighen Wright (in 2017) postdoctoral fellowship positions to work with her mentor Dr. N. Khanlou in Office of Women Health/Mental Health Research Centre in Faculty of Health at York University. Dr. Su has conducted qualitative and quantitative research on the impact of social stress, social support, and traditional cultural beliefs on the mental health of mothers of Chinese Canadians with developing disabilities. Call on Canadian government and the whole society to give more care about mental health and wellbeing of parents of children with developmental disabilities and child growth. Currently, Dr. Su is a Research Associate in Department of Psychology in Ryerson University to work with Dr. L. Yang on older Chinese immigrants’ Acculturation and mental health under COVID-19.


Dr. Su taught both graduate level and undergraduate level courses in a variety of universities and colleges in Canada in the past 10 years. She taught Couples Counselling, Counselling Psychology, Counselling Methods, and Counselling Research Methods for graduate students in Master’s Degree of Counselling Psychology and she also taught the undergraduate level course of Assessing Complementary Alternative Therapy for autism, anxiety, depression and social phobia symptoms. Moreover, she taught Introduction to Psychology, Cross-cultural Psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, The Principles of Learning, Intermediate Research Methods in Social Science.

Dr. Su was a psycho-educational counsellor in one private high school in Toronto for supporting international students who need help on social and emotional adjustments, cultural adaptation, academic stress, emotional regulation, relationships adjustments between parents and children when coming to Canada by using her professional skills and knowledge to help them overcome their life and academic obstacles in a new country.

Dr. Su was an assistant professor in psychology and engaged in scientific research in psychology at a university in mainland China before 1999. She graduated with Master’s Degree of Educational Psychology in Northeast Normal University and Bachelor’s Degree of School Education in Liaoning Normal University in mainland China. She taught Psychology and Education courses and her research projects included the study on the differences of self-concept, mental health and academic achievements on Junior school students from divorced families and entire families; study about female academic achievement motivation and mental health studies. Dr. Su also worked as a part-time psychological counsellor for college students. She helped college students adjust and cope with academic stress, and provide methods for emotional regulation, promote positive emotions and good personality cultivation.

Dr. Su is a self-motivated, passionate, earnest, and knowledgeable social/Personality psychologist. She has strong empathy, listening skills and counselling knowledge and skills, teaching and research skills. Dr. Su would like to bring her great experiences, knowledge and skills to help people in multi-cultural communities by using her social, cultural, educational, developmental and applied psychology expertise to promote people mental health well-being.

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